Wrong day…

Perhaps I slept badly, maybe it will be this time grey, rainy or perhaps it’s just a matter of having a bad day, but the thoughts crowd my mind and it’s hard to stop them almost as much pressure to do so.

…Always in a hurry to get something, always competing for more of our neighbor, we forget that we are ever more ground and ground return.

We are engaged in our everyday absurd wars, where we forget the most important values ​​and principles, we do not realize that the world, below us, is constantly changing and the future is uncertainty for everyone …

If we do not take care of people, nature and the things around us we are poor people.

We should be more careful, more simple, humble and look at things more carefully and not let them pass as if it were a train that does not get us anywhere … laxity, indifference to, selfishness and careering are modern diseases that are rooted quickly in a society where there is no way out, if not ourselves with the wish to change and do more … but how many are willing?
Probably will never happen … but it’s worth a try!

Mi LuMaCa


2 thoughts on “Wrong day…

  1. Hello Mi LuMaCa! Thank you for following my blog and all likes. I enjoy reading your posts and I would be very happy if you would like to look at http://www.sanctnet.ning.com, the new social network for people who care for the environment and humanity. Please have a look and join us! It looks like we share the same values, and we would be very happy for your input on our website.

    • Hello Under the linden tree, thank you too for following and liking my posts!I read your blog and it’s really interest and the site where you live is fantastic, I hope read more about the sanctuary network, because I convinced that all people together can do more and more…we are the only responsible, the guardian of the earth, the entire planet and we have to do something, not only bring bring bring but also give.
      So, I hope that people can change!

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