Eco-revolution is starting?

It’s nice to hear and see that many people are working to have a better life and to make sure that our planet will continue to breathe and not to gasp. This eco-revolution is always done on the net and never in the media because it would damage many multinational companies and import-export policies which then lead to pollution, sterilization of the earth and devastating consequences.

For example: a house evil insulated, will consume more energy, because energy will be wasted but the GDP of the economy will increase.

If you grow a vegetable garden that will allow us not to buy more fruits and vegetables, GDP will go down and the economy will go wrong.
What are we talking about? certainly not an economy based on common sense. We have been convinced that the only way forward was the “growth”, exploit the planet more and more to get the most profit without thinking that the PLANET hasn’t infinite resources and ecosystems (water, air, soil, biodiversity) and all “rubbish” that we produced is doing it, that our planet is coming to the edge, c’est fini!

I don’t want always discuss about the same issue, but if we become more sustainable we can out to make sure that our planet breath once more and answer us as it should: fruits and vegetables lush, nature revitalized and the relationship between man and nature in harmony again. For this reason we speak of “degrowth” economy, which is not negative growth, if not a provocative slogan that will explain that it is necessary to break ties with the kind of philosophy of this company “growth to grow and grow.”  What has led this infinite growth? A waste of resources, time and nature, destroying the sense of limit in society, where the man no longer knows to say ENOUGH.

The biggest supporter of this “degrowth” is the philosopher and economist Serge Latouche, who invites us to take as an example the snail and his wisdom:

the snail to build his home uses a geometric progression multiple and for each “time of shell” that builds the next one will have to be multiple of the size of the previous one, but at some point … the snail stops.
Why? Because the snail is wise and knows that reached the fourth round for the fifth building will have to do 18 times larger than the first. So the snail goes back to solidify his home and not the huge growth of this.

Latouche says:

“We have become addicts of consumerism and work” … “we have to de-economizing our imagination.”

Probably if today we were to write on a sheet which are our material needs and after a month we were going to check it, probably more than most of their will be changed, replaced by others …. this is the endless growth.
To get out of it is to be aware and conscious of what you want but, above all, that it’s really important.


Mi LuMaCa

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