Permaculture project: Reinvent ourselves “El Mirador del Sol”


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Mi LuMaCa



This time let me be happy, didn’t happen anything to anyone, I’m not going anywhere … I’m just happy. In all parts of the heart: walking, writing or sleeping…

The most precious happiness is the one where doesn’t exist no why, no reason. Or maybe the reason is: the act, the ability, to grasp the moment and be, disgustingly and boldly, happy.


Mi LuMaCa




Thank You Alaska!

“Kuruk: The Little Bear That Could” Please support! It’s an honorable cause!

Haiku By Ku

Kuruk-_The_Little_Be_Cover_for_KindleThat is the last line

Of my newly published book

Please support rescues!

Wooooohoooooowooooowoooooooo! I’m so very excited and thankful to announce that my book, Kuruk: The Little Bear That Could, is published and available for purchase. You can order it through Create Space Here or Amazon or Barnes & Noble or by clicking the picture of my book cover! Also: Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon India, and other international Amazon stores.

The purpose of my book about the story of my rescue is to raise awareness about puppy mills, animal abuse, and to raise money to donate to rescue groups for all animals: pups, kitties, horses, chickens… I will announce donations on this blog as they are made.

My book is not too long, includes some haiku, and it is written suitably for the reading pleasure of both children and adults. Please help support our cause!

Feel free…

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Turn the change


Who’s willing to give up today’s health and other comforts (internet, mobile, cars, heating, water, clothing, light output, appliances?

In which manufactures would be made tools?

In general, human behavior is destructive.
The tension will grow up in war unleashed by the last resort.


Mi LuMaCa


Paeonia, Tulips and Cactus flowers!

My father started to plant Paeonia since 5 years, with the danger, fear and the idea that never they’re¬†can grow up in his garden, but the competition was hight and he decided try to plant this fabulous flower.

Paeonia is a genus of flowering plants, the only genus in the family Paeoniaceae. They are native to Asia, Southern Europe and Western North America. Boundaries between species are not clear and estimates of the number of species range from 25 to 40. 

DSCN3254 DSCN3256 DSCN3257 DSCN3648 DSCN3649 DSCN3689 DSCN3691







Plant growth types are Herbaceous (nonwoody), Tree (shrub), and Itoh (or “Intersectional”), which is intermediate between herbaceous and tree forms. Herbaceous and Itoh are propagated¬†by root division, and sometimes by seed. Tree peonies can be propagated by grafting, division, seed, and from cuttings, although root grafting is most common commercially.

I think that this Paeonia grow up with love and dedication and are gorgeous!

Then, we can found some tulips and some wonderful cactus flowers that welcome you in the house!

DSCN2765 DSCN2767 DSCN2773 DSCN2776




Enjoy the summer with the food and the plants that you grown!

Mi LuMaCa