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I’m an organic gardener and I spend most of the time in my organic garden. I’m so exiting when early in the morning you can appreciate the wet orchards with the little birds that looking for a worm…the pumpkins flowers that give color to the magical green vegetables, without forget the calendula, jasmine, melon flowers, zucchini flowers…

I came from a small village near Rome, in front of my house there were a corn field, olive and vines when I grew up, I decided to live in the city to have a new experiences and a new life.I travelled a lot and I knew a different culture, different life style, different tradition and I lived in different cities but…leave in the pollution, in the caos and stress it’s no the better way to have a new life and a new starter so, at the end of 2011, me and my partner decided to exchange city life for the “better life” and moved to a small village in the north cost of Spain.

When we decided to change our life some friends, close to us, taken the same example and started to run with us for new adventures.

We love nature and we try to carry on the philosophy  of “better life”…no noise…just us, the soil and our pet friends.

In this blog we’ll discuss about our experience with permaculture and a new philosophy of life without oil, with renewable energy and with a lush organic garden where you can select your seasonal food and collect fresh eggs from your chickens, and some reflections that sometimes coming out!

Our goal in write this blog is to share with you our project “El Mirador del Sol” and let you know a bit of us and the people who work with us, because the project can be a step toward change.

I hope you enjoy this blog and its posts!


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9 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Thanks for liking my post Believe Your Eyes. I hope you will return again soon and often. I love your orchid shot and gardening information. I am sure I will learn lots from you! Namaste. . … Anne

  2. Hello! Thank you for taking some time to visit my blog and for the like. I really like your page, love the name “El Mirador del Sol” and enjoyed your posts and photos. Looking forward to explore and learn from you. 🙂

    • Thank you too for stopping in my blog! I really enjoyed in your blog and I’m very happy to know that a lot of people will start a “big quiet revolution” because grow your own food and reduce the food waste is the revolution.
      I looking forward to read and learn more from you! 😉

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