Our piece of land!

“I teach self-reliance, 

the world’s most subversive practice

I teach people how to grow their own food, which is shockingly subversive.

So, yes, it’s sedition 

but it’s peaceful sedition.”

Bill Mollison


I would like to present to you our piece of land that will be transformed in a beautiful garden synergistic!

As you can see, the part that will be an ortho is still in wild, but we hope to start early to keep abreast of developments in our vegetable garden. At the moment we started to organize the work from a good design about what we want to represent, so we have already an idea of ​​what we want to achieve. What are the resources available to us and how much work and money we invest in what we have in mind. But above all, choose the right soil and the location to ensure that it develops well.

More and more informations in the next posts!


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