Works in progress!

Well, we are here! it’s a long time that I didn’t post anything but dear friends the summer is started and the plants started to growing, growing in a little time and we try to take advantage to renovate the house!
At the beginning the weather didn’t was to our side, rain, fog and violent gale like winter but at the beginning of june the sun appears and our plants have thanked!


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During the cleaning of the garden soil and the house we meet a lot of friends!


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We started to do a little bed planting basil, parsley, eggplant, potatoes, garlics and salad, in a rock-snail oregano, thymus, parsley, mint, tulips and in a little part of compost zucchini and pumpkins!
To adorn the house borders we decided to plant Jasmine, now completely flowered with it’s fantastic and wonderful smell, and, to finish the tour, we have the rhododendron, wild cherry tree and a Blackberry plant!
More photos and details in the next post!

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