Small cats grow!!

Our little Lucy has given birth 4 beautiful kittens last month and now…small cats grow up! 😉


Mi LuMaCa

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Our pet friends!

In this channel we want to introduce our animal friends: Missing (rabbit) Lucy, Maki and Carletto (cats)

Maki is the princess of the house with its delicate and silent movements it’s hard to feel its presence in the house!
Lucy and Carletto are Maki sons. Lucy is like a “spider cat” with its jumps, it’s plaintive, curious, but at the same time very affectionate and in need of affection. Carletto is so cute and lovely, docile, quiet, very relaxed when you hold it in your arms.
Missing is our rabbit! A super special rabbit! Sociable, friendly, fearless and is everyone friend!
We hope that you will enjoy our channel and especially Missing, Maki Lucy & Carletto.
Mi LuMaCa