Little reflection …

I started write this post with bad and angry word because sometimes people can be really hateful, but at the end I thinking that was just a spent of energy and nothing more, and so I found some more delicate words to say what I feel in this moment about relationship with people, that sometimes are good and sometimes are bad. That’s life!

The relationships between people become so complex and complicated that one day we ask: “OMG how did we get here?”

The harmony and synergy that unites two people at the beginning of a relationship is established by the first impact, like when you meet what will become our best friend, our companion in life or just a friend of entertainment. I don’t want mention family relationships, another story quite heavy!

The cool thing about this is that, fortunately, we can choose and we choose also based on natural selection that is established between people.

We cannot be all friends otherwise the world would go in bankrupt, as we couldn’t be all enemies because there would be the destruction, so we should try to find the common sense of all, a balance between people, not to fall into hell traps machined by whom this balance doesn’t want. A bit as it happens today, it seems that the world hates you, for ex. you leave the house, take the car to go to work and there is another one waiting for you outside to have an accident and thus to profit by the insurance, or a colleague that blows the promotion because is in confidence with the chief, or a brother / sister who will turn their backs on, all the time and so… you get to isolate and assess things well.

Will be good but always with grace! Let us not be used as doormats choose the life we ​​want and the people we want to be part of it. We always say what we think without hold us even if we hurt others, sometimes I think that it is better to be direct and not think twice about it, if the other person doesn’t understand you probably cannot be part of your lives otherwise would take our criticism as constructive and not as an offense.

On the other hand, says the rhetoric, we are not all the same, and thank goodness I add! 🙂

Mi LuMaCa