I hope…that everyone can change!

In these videos you can see how in all part of world the permaculture is developed and how many people started to understand the importance of this discipline and change is city life for the “better life”. The importance to have a good life is not only growing our own food but also printing our own money…if you have all that you need the relevance of the money is minimum…you can have a real good life also if you haven’t a lot of money…the problem is that a the most part of people is engaged a stereotype of life where all people are machine that live and work just for the system and not for itself. I hope that everyone can change!

Permaculture on a Canadian Farm 

Permaculture in Canada – An Urban garden


Mi LuMaCa

Documents about Emilia Hazelip

The permaculture, like a tree, is a holistic system, a synthesis of disciplines translated in obtaining yields and products. Because this theory works all who belong to it, making their own but also the good of others, so that you make sure sustenance for all even in times of crisis crude.

Hemilia Hazelip was a Spanish organic gardener, that after reading the book “The One-Straw Revolution” in 1978 (after it was first translated into English) she became the pioneer of the concept of synergistic gardening and all her farming methods were inspired in it.

She started to improve her study about permaculture and she went in the south of France to develop her synergistic garden. In attached I share with you some documents about her notes: the composition of the field, plantation of bean and tomatoes and tables about different flowers and vegetables. I’m sorry the documents are in french I try to translate them in the next posts!

I hope that someone find in this documents some answers and more!

Collected Papers-Emilia Hazelip


Mi LuMaCa