Small cats grow!!

Our little Lucy has given birth 4 beautiful kittens last month and now…small cats grow up! 😉


Mi LuMaCa

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This time let me be happy, didn’t happen anything to anyone, I’m not going anywhere … I’m just happy. In all parts of the heart: walking, writing or sleeping…

The most precious happiness is the one where doesn’t exist no why, no reason. Or maybe the reason is: the act, the ability, to grasp the moment and be, disgustingly and boldly, happy.


Mi LuMaCa




This is LoVe!


Brazil, the sloth and the cat in love!

The sloth Prince and the cat Daisy in their long relaxing time ‘tangled’. The sloth wraps up its four-legged friend to hugs, kisses, and cuddle. She lets cuddle remaining almost motionless, despite the length of the claws of his affectionate friend.


Mi LuMaCa



Best friend

I still see you slenderest in the cafe, waiting for me after work at six in the afternoon … four years ago …

I still feel you tell me that “It’ll be okay“, but we both knew that was a lie.

In that embrace, in the silence broken only by our tears, occurred the cruel truth … not only would have lost against life but we would have lost too …

And still today I wear those jeans and your pink hat and I am moved thinking on you in dressing gown while you prepare me coffee and how the coffee was good made with all your heart … I love you …
Forever …


Mi LuMaCa

Life…it’s a joke or it’s real…you decide


I have forgiven mistakes almost unforgivable.

I tried to replace irreplaceable people

And I forgot unforgettable people.

I acted on impulse, have been disappointed by people

I didn’t think I could do…but I have failed too.

I held someone in my arms to protect it.

I made friends for eternity.

I laughed when it wasn’t necessary.

I loved and I was loved in return…but I was also rejected.

I was loved and I could not reciprocate.

I screamed and jumped for many joys. Many.

I lived love and made promises of eternity,

But I burnt my heart so many times!

I cried listening to music or looking at the pictures.

I’m back in love with a smile.

I again thought of dying of nostalgia and…

I was afraid to losing someone very special

(I ended up losing) … but I survived…

And I’m still alive!

The life doesn’t tire me…

Is really nice fight with persuasion,

Embrace life and live with passion.

Lose with class and win daring.

Don’t be scared about life…


Mi LuMaCa