Synergic agricolture…permaculture.

I’ve always dealt with the concept of “relationship” and so intrigued by nature I began to study the similarities that can be established in agriculture if it were to develop simply by the energy and synergy of the earth, plants, insects, parasites of , mushrooms, where every single plant is not in itself, but is part of a set and where there was no need to plow and fertilize.

So began my adventure, especially talking to my friend Fabio, was born the curiosity true for this method that I was passionate and involved.
This is not something special and the rules to follow for a lush ortho or garden are very few … you just get in synergy with nature!

The main work is to adapt the principles of natural with our climate and our culture.

To begin our journey, here are some quite interesting video link of the forerunners and followers of this ideology of natural farming.