Permaculture values can change the philosophy of a society?

Today I stopped in a video about permaculture introduced by Toby Hemenway, who give us some ideas about redesigning civilization with permaculture. Toby is the author of “Gaia’s Garden” the first best-selling book of permaculture in the last 7 years.

In a society where all people and industries thinking just to their profit, with permaculture we can give some tools to get in the hand our life and redesign her with new values and principles that will help us to go on in this world…Toby said: “Permaculture can save humanity and the planet, but not civilization”

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I hope…that everyone can change!

In these videos you can see how in all part of world the permaculture is developed and how many people started to understand the importance of this discipline and change is city life for the “better life”. The importance to have a good life is not only growing our own food but also printing our own money…if you have all that you need the relevance of the money is minimum…you can have a real good life also if you haven’t a lot of money…the problem is that a the most part of people is engaged a stereotype of life where all people are machine that live and work just for the system and not for itself. I hope that everyone can change!

Permaculture on a Canadian Farm 

Permaculture in Canada – An Urban garden


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